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Not Scottish. Not Irish. Just Comfortable.

Not Scottish. Not Irish. Just Comfortable.

We aren’t Anti-Celtic. We’re just not Celtic.

Every now and then we get a purist who likes to bash us because our shop isn’t “Celtic.” We don’t sell little Scottish Terrier plush dolls, we don’t carry 1,000 different Clan bottle openers, and we don’t don’t carry those little butter cookies in the Scottish tartan tin. We don’t want to be those guys. There’s plenty of those guys. We wanna be us.

Kilted Bros doesn’t want to be tied to tradition. We understand your pride for your heritage, but that’s not why we wear kilts. We love that kilts can be casual or formal and everything in between.

Our customer is the guy who wants to cut loose from is 8-to-5 job. He’s the guy who didn’t let himself freedom in his younger years. Our fellow Kilted Bros value friendship, adventure, and understands that our time on the planet is short and it’s a lot more valuable than some hangup about which tartans someone says you’re allowed to wear.