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You have questions. We have answers.

Leaving pants in favor of kilts is a big change for some guys. Here are the most common questions we get.


1) Why are kilt sizes different than pant sizes?

Because the jean companies lie to you. Your "34" jeans don't mean that your waist is truly 34 inches. They want you to feel good, so companies often shave a couple of inches off of their sizes to make you think you're svelter than you are. It's OK, buddy. We like you no matter your kilt size. Watch our video and read this page to make sure you're getting the perfect fit.

How do I take care of my kilt? What about the pleats?

COTTON: Wash it when it becomes stinky or stained. It's like washing your favorite jeans -- throw it in cold water with some detergent (no bleach). When it comes out of the wash, you can give it a good couple of shakes and hang it up to line dry. Or, throw it in the dryer on a low temp if you're impatient. Your pleats are designed to hold up year after year. If you like your pleats firmer, take your kilt to the dry cleaner and ask them to do a "press only." Your pleats will look like new.

TARTANS: You can wash these on delicate in the washer and let them hang to dry, or take them to the dry cleaners. For a few bucks, you end up with a professionally pressed kilt.

2) What do you wear with your kilt?

You can wear as little as smile.

We recommend anything you'd wear with your favorite jeans: a T-shirt, a button down, a pair of sneakers, some boots.... You'll find your own style. Don't sweat it. You're not supposed to look like everyone else. Whatever you do, let yourself enjoy the breeze down there.

3) What's the difference between a kilt and a skirt?

Underwear. If you wear underwear with your kilt, it's a dress. Panties are for ladies, mate.

4) What if there's something wrong with my Kilted Bros. Kilt?

We offer a full guarantee on all craftsmanship within 30 days of the purchase date and will either repair or replace the defective item at our discretion. That being said, all purchases are final. If you need to exchange for a different size, the customer pays for the shipping here, we'll pay for the shipping back to you. 

5) "I want to wear a tartan, but I'm not Scottish. Is that allowed? "I want to wear a tartan, but it's not my family's clan. Is that OK?"

For Fuck's Sake -- YES.

There are probably still some purists around who say that you can only wear a clan tartan if you have the clan's name as a surname. If you have some Scottish heritage and want to celebrate it by wearing the kilt then there's nothing to stop you. Look at the surnames of your grandparents and then your great grandparents on both sides of the family and see if any of them give you a genuine link to a tartan. If you come up with nothing then you can always fall back on what we call a District tartan. This is one that has been designated as being suitable for people from a particular area - a city or locality in Scotland.

If you don't fancy that idea then, then there are quite a few general tartans that can be worn by anyone plus a growing number of 'Fashion' tartans.

At the end of the day you can actually wear any clan tartan that you like even if you don't have a connection, but most people like to feel their use of a tartan is 'genetically' justified.