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Your Kilt Size Ain't Your Jeans Size.

All kilts are 23’’ in length (that's what we call a "drop." The drop is measured from where you want the kilt to rest on your body to the middle of your kneecap. For most guys, that's gonna fall about knee length. Perfect. Too long and you'll look like a woman on the prairie. Too short, you'll look like a creepy cheerleader. Keep it kilt-classy. If you're under 5'9', ask for a 22" drop. If you're 6'2" or over, you might want a 25"-26" drop. Our kilts are made-to-order, at no extra cost, so get the one that's going to make you happy.

Listen up. This is NOT the time to get vain about your waist size.

No, you're not a size 32 anymore. Yes, you can squeeze into that old pair of 32s that are stretched out, but you know that you should be wearing a 34-35 which translates to a 36-37 kilt size. Once your balls are swinging free, you won't care about your kilt size anymore.

Get a tape measure and measure where you want to wear your kilt. We recommend finding line where you wear your jeans and measure there. Don't tighten that tape! If anything, keep it loose, man! Trust us on this one. You want your kilt to feel loose. You can use a belt to tighten it up. The number that you measure on your tape measure is the size that you want. ***Watch the video to the right to get an idea how to really measure your waist.***

This changes if you have a belly and you wear your jeans under your belly!

Note that all sizes and models have adjustable straps to comfortably adjust to waist sizes anywhere within their range of fit. It is much easier to adjust down than up, please make your buying decision accordingly!

Watch the videos for more sizing tips!









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